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“Steamy Wonder “ Holistic Steam Therapy

Experience the Benefits of Steam Therapy using the Steamy WonderPortable Sauna. Since ancient times, steam therapy has been used by traditional healing systems around the world to improve and maintain good health, beauty; as well as for, Stress Relief; Cellulite Reduction, Joint Pain, Ease Sore Muscles, Relieves Allergies/Asthma, Improves Circulation, Reduces Inflammation & an Immunity Booster.

In Japan, steam bathing is an effective treatment for a variety of conditions:  Mild Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Nicotine Addiction, Hypertension, Chronic, Pain, Respiratory Conditions, and Cardiovascular Disease.

Spa Body Treatment (with or w/out) Holistic  Steam Therapy (Natural Clays & Ingredients):  

Cellulite & Inch Loss Wrap: 60 MIN $75-$100

Relaxation, Detoxify, Pain Relief Wrap: 60 MIN $65-$90

Exfoliation/Salt Glow: 60 MIN $65-$90

Aroma Holistic Steam Therapy: 20-30 MIN $50

Series of 6+ Treatments are recommended for effective results.

Celluite, Inch Loss & Body Sculpture

Lipo Cavitation: $75 to $100 (per area: ex. arms; abs; hips; buttocks)

Radio Frequency: $75 to $100 (per area: ex. face; neck; decollete; arms; abs; hips; buttocks)

Lipo Cavitation & Radio Frequency, a revolutionary treatment to obtain a slim body, increasing collagen, dissolves fat and tightens the skin. 

Series of 6+ Treaments are recommended for effective results.